La Casa de los Angeles Boutique is a relaxing space designed for people who are looking for a private and harmonious place.

In La Casa de los Angeles Boutique you'll find more than a hotel, you'll feel like home.


Every suite has wireless internet access, our coverage extends all over the area. Besides La Casa de los Angeles Boutique gives you the facility to use the internet room in case that you couldn't brought your laptop.


The Gym is one of our common areas, there you can make your exercise routines, use the firm bicycle or simply use the jacuzzi-spa. The Gym is in the backyard , so you will be in a relaxing atmosphere.


Enjoy a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi with jets of water that will provide a greater sense of relax.This is in the back garden, therefore you will be in a private environment.


Every suite has a private terrace, but the main terrace is another of our common areas, there you can enjoy by watching the most beautiful sunsets, take a nap in an hamaca, sit while reading a nice book, take an organic coffee, use the grill, interact with other people or even look at the moon and the stars with our telescope.


Every single suite has assigned a locker in case that the guest needs to leave his luggage.


For our guests confort, we have at your disposal 2 washing and 2 drying machines, so you don't have to go out to do the laundry.