This beach is approximately 328 feet (100 meters) long by 82 feet (25 meters) wide. The white, smooth sand is gently sloped. The shallow water is warm, transparent, and greenish-blue; the waves are low and gentle.

This beach is like a natural pool. It is an extraordinary spot for swimming, diving, scuba diving and snorkeling. Its inviting peacefulness makes Puerto Angelito very popular during weekends and holidays.

There are restaurants, and hammocks, umbrellas and scuba and snorkeling equipment for rent.

It is an ideal site for snorkeling, as in Manzanillo and Carrizalillo Beaches . These beaches are similar in that the water is warm, shallow, and transparent, with gentle waves. Beautiful seascapes of marine life, coral reefs, and cliffs with sandy beaches below can be enjoyed.

Scuba and snorkeling equipment is available for rent, as well as boats offering tours to all the Puerto Escondido beaches, where you can enjoy any water sport.

Location: Puerto Escondido: Is located 165 miles (265 kilometers) south of the City of Oaxaca via Federal Highway 131. Approximate travel time: 5 hours.

The beach is 1,640 feet (500 meters) southwest of Puerto Escondido, on a small unpaved road, or walking along a small path beside the beach.