Playa Bacocho

This beach is long, divided in three sections, among rocks that, with the presence of palm trees, and thorny bushes bordering it, create a very pleasant natural environment. The beach width varies from 98 to 230 feet (30 to 70 meters). The grey sand is smooth, gently sloped, and the warm, bluish-green water has calm waves. Warning: Caution should be exercised on the easternmost side, where there is a strong undertow, especially during the rainy season.

In order to make your stay more comfortable, this beach has hotels offering restaurant-bar services, a pool, and gardens.

Playa Bacocho ( Bococho Beach ) is 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) east of Puerto Escondido. Take the Coast Highway toward Pinotepa Nacional, until reaching the Bacocho sub-division. Turn left and continue on to the beach. You may also reach the beach by sea.